Common Toe Deformities

You’ll be asked about your symptoms, when they started and when they occur. You may also be asked to flex your toe so that your doctor can get an idea of your range of motion. He or she may order x-rays in order to better define your deformity. If your hammertoe problem is diagnosed as flexible hammertoe, there are a number of nonsurgical treatments that may be able to straighten out your toe or toes and return them to their proper alignment. d) It’s a lot easier to see if the foot is contributing to a physical problem eg knee pain, hip dysfunction, sacro-illiac joint (SIJ) pain.

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For hammertoes that are still flexible, a podiatrist might recommend padding or taping the toes to relieve pain and orthotic inserts for shoes to minimize pressure and keep the toe properly aligned. Anti-inflammatory drugs or corticosteroid injections can relieve pain and inflammation. For more advanced cases of hammertoe, a podiatrist might recommend a surgical procedure to cut the tendon, allowing the toe to straighten. For hammertoes that have become rigid, a more complicated surgery might be needed, during which the podiatrist removes part of the bone at the deformed joint to allow it to straighten. Prevention

Wear moleskin , pads, arch supports, or other orthotic shoe inserts These products cushion the toe or hold the foot and toes in a more comfortable position. They are better for treating a flexible deformity, but they can also provide some relief for a fixed deformity. Your health professional can show you how to put the pads or inserts in your shoe. Care for any calluses or corns that you have on your toes or feet. Moleskin and other nonprescription treatments for corns or calluses may help relieve pain and burning. Never cut corns or calluses, because this can lead to infection. See home treatment for calluses or cornsmallet toe surgery recovery time

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Problems With Toes

Hammer toe is also sometimes referred to as contracted toe. This is a condition wherein your toe or technically proximal interphalangeal joint of your 2 nd , 3 rd and 4 th toe becomes bent. This bent is often permanent and resembles a hammer which is why it is called as hammer toe. This condition may also be mistaken with Mallet toe which is a similar deformity but associated with Distal interphalangeal joint. If you have a bent toe then chances are that the condition may be either a Hammer toe or Mallet toe.

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Bone arthroplasty In this procedure, the surgeon removes some bone and cartilage to correct the toe deformity. A small segment of bone is removed at the joint to eliminate pressure on the toe, relieve pain, and straighten the toe. The tendons and ligaments surrounding the joint may also be reconstructed. Wearing wrong size shoes and overly tight shoes are the main cause for hammer toe. Hammer toe is mostly found in second toe and is prevalent in women who wear short shoes and high-heeled shoes. Sometimes it also occurs on children who wear the same old shoes even when they are grown.

Augmentin Duo, often simply called Augmentin, is an ingestible pill containing doses of amoxicillin and clavulanate potassium. Both ingredients in Augmentin Duo are antibiotics-in other words, the ingredients help kill bacterial infections. A doctor may prescribe this medication for a number of bacterial conditions. Signs of poor blood circulation to limbs include pain in the arms and legs, sore or swollen feet and legs and low temperatures in the extremities. Without care, poor blood circulation can cause strokes, amputation, heart attacks or even death. Increasing blood circulation to the limbs may minimize such risks.mallet toe surgery recovery time

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Women get crooked toes more often than men, due to wearing high heels and other shoes that cause the toes to stay in a bent position for long periods of time. As the toes are continuously forced into a bent position, the 2 muscles controlling the toes (allowing them to bend and straighten) become affected as well, and the tendons shorten. As a result, toes can become increasingly bent and less flexible, not being able to flex naturally without shoes on. Hammertoe is also caused by heredity when it is passed on to generation by birth. In the long run, it may affect the nervous system.

If the toe deformity is rigidly fixed, your surgeon will make the incision over the joint of the deformity, realign the tendons and ligaments, and also perform an osteotomy which is the removal of bone pieces. Your surgeon will then insert pins to keep the toes in proper alignment during the healing process. Other factors include poor circulation, diabetes, edema, and wearing non-leather shoes. Complications of the mallet toe can lead to puss, infection, and swelling, as well as a change in gait pattern because of pain. The mallet toe is a curious form of toe contracture, or curling, that is less well known than its cousin, the hammertoe

Cold laser is a useful therapeutic modality to decrease pain and inflammation. The cold laser frequency starts a process inside the body to decrease pain and inflammation. It brings more blood to the area to further speed the flow of healing nutrients. Laser therapy can decrease scar tissue formation which may contribute to the chronic nature of sprains. The laser energy triggers tissue repair and cell growth differently than other therapeutic treatments, which is why we like to include it in treatments for sand or turf toe Refrain from eating or drinking anything after midnight the night before surgery. Are there exercises I can start now prior to surgery?

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